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I’ve made a change in how Bible verses are quoted in WIST.  Whereas before I had Bible quotes falling underneath “Other Authors and Sources,” I’ve now designated “Bible” as an “author” in the database, allowing easier grouping and finding of quotations from there. (One could arguably assert various “authors” within the Bible, especially in the New Testament, but I’m not going to take it to that detail; the authorship is associated with the book cited and is subject to whatever scholarship the reader cares to accept.)

I’m also trying to be more diligent about citing the translation in use, since that can have a lot of influence on how the ideas are presented (or even whether folks consider them “valid”).  I’m generally not citing source links, as the reader may have their preference.  The three I use, for different reasons:

  • Bible Gateway (the most robust site out there)
  • NetBible (includes some translations not in Bible Gateway, like NRSV, as well as some linguistic resources)
  • Olive Tree (includes one of my favorite translations, Today’s English Version)

There are other Holy Books / Scripture out there which I still have lumped under “Other,” mostly because the number of quote I have from them is relatively small.  As I see a need, I’ll break them out into their own “author” categories.

Added on 11-Mar-10 | Last updated 11-Mar-10
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