Administrivia: You can now find quotations by topic in WIST

Well, in a lot of cases, at least.

I’ve been applying topic tags to quotations since the beginning of 2014. A year and a half later, that seems enough to make the feature visible.

Topics are key words associated with a quotation — sometimes words from the quotes themselves, often additional words. Topic tags can help you find quotations I’ve associated with the word “accomplishment,” for example.

Quotations that have had topics tagged to them show the list in the block below each quote (“Topics: “). As I have call to edit any of my older quotations, I’m updating the tags there. With over 13,000 quotation in WIST, that’s a sizable task.

I’m not using any formal taxonomy of topics here. As I enter in a quotation, I include as tags any associated verbiage and concepts I freely associate with the quotation, as well as key terms from it.

Topic tags are also part of the Search function on WIST, so if you’ve searched for “accomplishment,” quotations I’ve tagged that way have also come up in the results, even if the word was not in the body of the text.

The current list of topics, alphabetized, can be found at the top menu under “Topics.” The most commonly used ones are in the topic cloud in the side bar.

I hope this is a useful function for all of you using WIST.

Added on 6-Jun-15 | Last updated 6-Jun-15
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