Administrivia: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (but shouldn’t use that many)

So I’ve been doing a graphic / visualization / meme for one quotation a day (out of the five I usually do) for a month now, and it seems to be both popular and pretty sustainable (at least until I get a job), so I will continue doing so.

You can see the list to date by clicking on the “Visual Quotes (memes)” link in the sidebar; I’m tagging each of them with a tag of “meme”. You can also visit PixTeller, which is where I’m building these; I think they’ve definitely improved since the first few I did as I’ve learned more about the tool and what works (and what doesn’t work as well).

If you have any suggestions for improvement in this effort, please leave me a comment.

Added on 13-Nov-15 | Last updated 13-Nov-15
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