Administrivia: Notice to Feedburner email subscribers

This is an update from the post on 15 April.

If you are one of the couple dozen individuals who get daily emails from WIST via Feedburner, Google is sunsetting that email delivery functionality in July.

If you want to continue to get future emails of WIST quotations, there are two methods (that I support):

1. You can sign up for an email digest at the feeds page on WIST. The form is at the top of the page. This uses a service called Follow.It, which will send a daily digest of new quotations, as Feedburner has done previously (you can adjust the frequency and timing).

2. You can make a comment on any post (such as this one) and, in doing so, click on the little box under the comment area that says “Notify me of new posts by email.” That will get you an individual email sent out for each new post here at WIST, usually about five per weekday (there is no digest option). (I omitted mention of this functionality in the previous post on this topic; if this is how you are currently subscribed, you need do nothing.)

That same feeds page has other options for other was of following new WIST content, including Twitter, *Diaspora, and various RSS reader feeds.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Added on 26-May-21 | Last updated 26-May-21
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