Administrivia: E-mail Quote of the Day!

Interested in getting quotations delivered right to your e-mailbox daily? Have we got a deal for you!
I have a Feedburner e-mail feed set up for this site. While it won’t select a random quote, it will send you a copy of every quote I add to WIST (usually 3-4 each weekday). That’s not a single Quote of the Day, but 3-4 Quotes of the Day! What a deal!
You’ll get an e-mail each evening titled “Your WIST quotation update.” It’s all handled through Feedburner, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
Just click here.

Added on 12-Jan-08 | Last updated 12-Jan-08
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2 Responses to E-mail Quote of the Day!

  1. Balaji N says:


  2. *** Dave says:

    You’re more than welcome. And, currently, I’m adding five quotes each weekday.

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