Administrivia: Passing the 6,000 mark

While the odometer at the top of WIST isn’t exact (it includes about 50-odd Administrivia posts such as this), it appears we’ve rollled well past the 6,000 quotations mark. While there are a lot of sites with more, I’d like to think that the loving attention I give to each and every quote I put up here makes WIST a bit special. 

It remains a labor of love, and I plan to be around for at least another 6,000.

Added on 9-Jul-08 | Last updated 9-Jul-08
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  1. 6000ish

    As I noted over there, (though it got swallowed up in the RSS feed), my WIST quotations database rolled past 6,000 entries in the past week or so. Which,…

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