Administrivia: Performance issues

I’m not happy about the peformance going to individual author pages. In part that’s because archives are the most complex item for MT serve up, and the individual authors are categories.
I’m seriously considering turning the normal author categories into permanent (static) files, rather than dynamic. That should dramatically improve performance, but …

  1. The disk storage will go way up.
  2. Posting new stuff will take a bit longer (an added file to generate).
  3. category rebuilds will seriously churn things up even more.
  4. I do occasionally rename categories (authors) – will that leave obsolete files out there. Yeah, probably. Trivial issue, I think, but worth considering.

I’m most concerned with #1 and #3, esp. #3. It irks me to do rebuilds, and the category rebuild is already a huge churn.
I will ponder this.

Added on 15-Aug-07; last updated 15-Aug-07
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