“So you’re not one hundred percent clear on this?” said Aziraphale.
    “It’s not given to us to understand the ineffable Plan,” said the Metatron, “but of course the Great Plan –”
    “But the Great Plan can only be a tiny part of the overall ineffability,” said Crowley. “You can’t be certain that what’s happening right now isn’t exactly right, from an ineffable point of view.”
    “It izz written!” bellowed Beelzebub.
    “But it might be written differently somewhere else,” said Crowley. “Where you can’t read it.”
    “In bigger letters,” said Aziraphale.
    “Underlined,” Crowley added.
    “Twice,” suggested Aziraphale.
    “Perhaps this isn’t just a test of the world,” said Crowley. “It might be a test of you people, too. Hmm?”
    “God does not play games with His loyal servants,” said the Metatron, but in a worried tone of voice.
    “Whooo-eee,” said Crowley. “Where have you been?”

Neil Gaiman (b. 1960) British fabulist
Good Omens [with Terry Pratchett] (1990)
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