Since geometry is co-eternal with the divine mind before the birth of things, God himself served as his own model in creating the world (for what is there in God which is not God?), and he with his own image reached down to humanity.

Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) German astronomer
The Harmonies of the World [Harmonices Mundi], Book 4, ch. 1 (1618)
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2 Responses to The Harmonies of the World [Harmonices Mundi], Book 4, ch. 1 (1618)

  1. Wayne C. Workman says:

    I have what is said to have been a Kepler quotation: “Nothing is more in concord with nature than that the order of magnitude should be the same as the order of the spheres.” It is claimed that this quotation formed the basis of Jeremiah Horrocks’ calculation of the Earth-Sun distance.
    I would very much appreciate your assistance in identifying a reference for this quotation

  2. Dave says:

    @Wayne – I don’t have the opportunity to pursue that at the moment, but I’d start with Google (esp. Google Books) of some key segments (‘kepler “concord with nature”‘ or ‘kepler “order of the spheres”‘).

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