About WIST

So what is WIST?

WIST is my collection of quotations I find meaningful, moving, amusing (intended or not),  or well-phrased.

I’ve been collecting quotes, aphorisms, maxims, and sig lines since junior high (which is more years ago than I care to relate). I read books of quotations for fun. I dog-ear pages in books I’m reading so that I can come back later and copy particularly good turns of phrase. And, more recently, I quickly jot quotes I see down on my mobile phone so I can have a record of them.

When I first put together a quotations collection (a hard-copy effort, given as a Christmas gift to people who didn’t mind something that was cheap if it had the personal touch), I called the collection “WIST” for “Wish I’d Said That.”

So you really wish you’d said all these things?

Well … no.

This is not just a collection of quotations whose sentiments I agree with (though that’s true for the majority of stuff here). In some cases there are ideas that I disagree with, firmly; in those cases, though, I’ve included the quote either because I admire the way it’s phrased, because it’s such a classic statement of a particular sentiment or else I thought it was so absurd that it made me smile just to read it.

But just because I quote it here doesn’t mean I agree with it.

I’ve sometimes considered coming up with some sort of “I really don’t agree with this” flag or tag or warning on those quotes I most vehemently oppose, content-wise. That would require, though, a thorough re-read of everything here, and inevitably I’d miss something, and then folk would think I do approve of that Goering quote or some similar bit.

In general, if it’s racist, sexist, or hateful … consider me just a conduit, not a sponsor.

Now, the fact is, I do agree with much / most of what I quote here.  I obviously discriminate in terms of actually deciding which quotations to add, so there must be some reason I now (or in the past) selected something for inclusion. And, of course, my worldview is as complex and contradictory as anyone else’s (see Whitman).

Why not change the name of the site, then?

Tradition, I suppose, plus it’s a handy catch phrase. And I own the domain. And there are enough links out there back to the site that it would be a disservice.

If I have a question, how do I contact you?

If you have any comments, corrections, or suggestions, either as to content or to how the site works, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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