In addition to the below history, checkpoint quote counts and other such hazerei on a more-or-less annual basis can be found in the Administrivia category.

  • December 1988: WIST is born as a hardcopy Word document, to be distributed as a Christmas gift to friends.
  • June 1999:WIST goes on-line with about 1,600 quotations.
  • November 2000: WIST is “upgraded” to FrontPage, with about 3,600 quotations.
  • June 2001: The free WIST-a-Day list begins on Topica.
  • February 2002: WIST gets its own domain! Minor formatting changes. New edition has about 4,300 quotations.
  • April 2002: The free WIST-a-Day list moves onto the Hill-Kleerup.org server.
  • June 2003: WIST is moved onto a Movable Type platform.
  • August 2003: WIST on MT is made “live” on the wist.info site.
  • August 2004:  The WIST shop at CafePress opens.  Fortunately, CafePress does not rely upon it to make their quarterly earnings.
  • July 2007: WIST v2 is launched, completely reorganized to use MT on a per-entry basis.
  • August 2007:  Begin offering feeds (including email) via FeedBurner.
  • December 2007:  Include the Google search bar.
  • March 2008: Change to static pages in MT, for performance.
  • July 2008:  6,000 quotations and growing!
  • April 2009:  WIST v3 is launched, using WordPress instead of MT, with about 7,000 quotations.
  • January 2010: The WIST Twitter feed is created.
  • June 2013: Replaced iNove theme with the WordPress TwentyTen theme.
  • January 2014: WIST starts having topic tags added to each quotation for better searching.
  • March 2014; Pictures of the quotation authors start being added.
  • April 2014: The WIST Facebook feed is created.
  • January 2015: WIST starts being mirrored (manually) onto Google+.
  • October 2015: One quote a day is now given a graphic image / “meme”.
  • May 2016: 15,000 quotations and growing!
  • June 2016: WIST graphics start being mirrored (manually) onto Pinterist and Tumblr.
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