Administrivia: Doing the Numbers, 2/2007

To update the above, as of the Feb. 2007 upload of data, here are the current WIST stats:

How many of … Feb-07 Aug-03 Feb-02 Nov-00
Miscellaneous Quotations? 475 457 446 400
Non-Miscellaneous Quotations? 4,610 4,233 3,869 3,208
Total Quotations? 5,085 4,690 4,315 3,608
Cited Authors? 1,672 1,632 1,556 1,396

As noted in the News section, this update didn’t add a lot to the system (mostly sourcing clarifications), but it did add some.

As to the current “most popular”:

Who? Rank Count
William Shakespeare 1 98
C.S. Lewis 2 61
Mark Twain 3 54
Ralph Waldo Emerson 4 51
Bill Watterson 5 49
George Bernard Shaw 6 44
Dave Barry 7 39
Ambrose Bierce 8 37
Abraham Lincoln 9 36
G. K. Chesterton 10 34

Alas, FastCounter is no longer functioning here. I have SiteMeter running, but no idea of the “since when” it’s counting. It shows, though a current total number of visits of 73,185. eXTReMe Tracking says the number of unique visitors since Aug. 2003 is 77,459. So I’ll take that number, and add it to the below tally to get:

September 2001: 8,400

Februrary 2002: 12,859

August 2003: 46,958
February 2007: 124,417.

Of those, 71% are from North America (14% from Europe, Finland making up half of that, interestingly), 81% use Windows, 61% are on IE (22% on FireFox), 60% get here from a search engine (half that from web sites, including cross-reference, the Atomz search, and web rings); Google has half the search pie there.

I’m resetting the Extreme search for its new version, so (for my future reference) it will be zeroed out at this point.

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