Administrivia: RSS Problems solved (hopefully)

A helpful correspondent (waves at Mardy) noted that the Feedburner emails were not including any citations as to who actually said the quotation in question. This appears to have been the case since 5 May, when I last updated WordPress for WIST; the RSS files are customized due to my non-standard way of using the data elements in WP for this blog (e.g., using the title for citation, using the category for author information, etc.). Long story short, when I update WordPress, I have to manually restore those custom files, and I didn’t, thus losing the “who” part of the quotations in RSS feeds, including the one that generates the Feedburner emails.

This appears to be now working properly, so future emails should go out correctly. Sorry for the snafu.

Added on 15-May-20 | Last updated 15-May-20
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