Administrivia: WIST! Now, with Pictures!

As you may have noticed (if you’ve visited the WIST site this week), I am now posting author pictures here for the various quotations. It’s done on a category basis, so I’m tackling them from most-quoted author to least, as well as making sure they are present for the authors of quotes I add each day. It’s a bit more laborious than I’d prefer, but I think it adds a worthwhile bit of humanity to these interesting words, being able to see the person who actually said or wrote them. (It also points out the large preponderance of Old White Dead Guys, but that’s a different challenge.)

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while now. I’m using Michael Fields’ Taxonomy Images plug-in (since native WP doesn’t include category image support). The images are mostly from Wikicommons, or elsewhere on the Net; I’m making an effort to use public domain images, as well.

Given that I have a few thousand authors, it’s a task that will not be complete any time soon, if ever. But the same might be said of building a collection of quotations. At the very least, it will further help keeping me out of trouble.

Added on 7-Mar-14; last updated 7-Mar-14
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