Administrivia: Attributed?

In putting together WIST, I realized I really needed to fill in the post title for all quotes (I believe MT actually requires it). Since I’m using the citation for the title (which was a brilliant improvisation but has caused me no end of trouble in displaying stuff), I had to deal with the vast majority of quotes I have that have no actual citation associated with them.
Alas, people tend to throw quotes out there with just the author, not with any idea of where it comes from. Sometimes you can find it with extensive use of Google and other references (and I’ll toot my horn to say that, for the ones I’ve researched, I’ve added a lot of hitherto-unknown citations to common quotes out on the Net). Sometimes not. And sometimes you just don’t have time.
Enter “(Attributed).” If I don’t know where something came from — either because it’s just plain old not known, or because the source hasn’t been cited, that’s what I’m using for the citation. Because, honestly, unless you can point to where it was originally said by the person, it is, in fact, just “attributed” to them, no matter how much people “know” it was said.

The “open beta” is still going on (cue crickets chirping), and the post for commenting can be found down here.

Added on 24-Jul-07; last updated 24-Jul-07
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