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Welcome to the new WIST. I’ve been pounding away at this, on and off, for the last year, and it’s finally ready (I hope!) for prime time.

I’ve been collecting quotations for many years. I’ve had my collection online in one form or another for a number of years, but it was always a rather clumsy, static thing. I’ve devised this new site to use Movable Type as a sort of quotations database. You can read more about it in the general Administrivia category, but for the moment it simply means that I can no much more easily add and edit quotations online. It also means that you can more easily find things around here, as well as comment on quotations I have (e.g., to provide a citation, or to point out an error or duplicate).

With the capability to comment comes a sense that WIST is becoming more of a community effort. While I’ll continue to post quotations up myself (not giving up that particular “power”), your feedback is essential in improving the site and, most importantly, its content.

I’ve been beta testing the site for the last week or two, so I know it works. When I shift it from its test site to the actual domain, a few things might break, so have patience while I pound away at them.

One thing that’s changing with the new system is dropping the “WIST” quote-a-day mail. It’s something I’ve been, as you know (if you subscribed) pretty lax about recently, especially as I continued work on this site. Instead, though, what you are welcome to do is to subscribe to this site either via RSS (directly or via Feedburner) or by e-mail. Then any new quotations added, whenever they happen, will appear to you automatically. And, yes, that will be an incentive for me to keep adding quotes.

Added on 24-Jul-07; last updated 15-Apr-09
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