Administrivia: WISTfulness

I chose the WIST acronym to go with the natural, catchy phrase, “Wish I’d Said That!” I did note at the time I grabbed the domain (long after) that the .com version of the domain was long gone — which was okay, because the .info domain was a natural for a site like this. (Though, to be sure — how many .info domains are there? Should be a lot more, IMO.)
Anyway, a miskeying led me to a whole bunch of sites that share the WIST name, if not exact domain:

  1. Wist Auto Products (proud owners of the .com).
  2. WIST Radio
  3. Wists (Web Lists, a “social wish list” shopping bookmark site)
  4. Women In Surgical Training (an organization within the Royal College of Surgeons)
  5. The Wist Family (proud owners of the .org)
  6. WIST (a PHP Web interface)
  7. WIST (a NASA Warehouse Inventory Search Tool)
  8. WIST (Women in Sport Touring – a women’s motorcycling site)
  9. wist (the archaic form of “wit” as in “knew”)

Glad to have met each of you (virtually) and to share your name.

Added on 30-Aug-07; last updated 30-Aug-07
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