Administrivia: Themes (and Variations)

In 2013, I adopted for this WordPress blog a highly modified version of the “Twenty-Ten” theme. And that’s served me well for the past nine years.

This week, I introduced a new theme, also highly modified, for the modern(ish) Internet of 2022.

The primary difference is that the new theme, based on the Astra framework, programmed by Philip Lakra, via, to accommodate my very unconventional use of WordPress for this quotation database, is now reactive. Which means that if you view this site with a phone, rather than a desktop, it will accommodate the size and form factor and give you something that’s actually a hell of a lot more readable and usable.

(Ish. I still have a lot of tweaks I want to do. Aesthetic design between mobiles and desktops is a complex affair. But, fundamentally, the new setup works.)

So things may look a little different here, for those live human beings that come to my site. And they will likely continue to change and improve over the next several weeks. If you run across something that seems downright broken, please do let me know at … I want to make this a usable research and information (.info!) site for anyone who runs across it.

Thanks for your patience. Let’s find something interesting that someone said!

Added on 30-Sep-22; last updated 3-Oct-22
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