Administrivia: D’oh!

Since April, my RSS feeds (and, thus, my WIST-by-email stuff) has been kind of wonky. I do some non-standard things with WordPress to structure my quotations database, and each time I do an upgrade in the software I have go change the RSS feeds programming to output the right things in the right places (for the normal online blog, the theme takes care of that).

Well, in April, despite my best efforts and my being willing to swear up and down that I was, in fact, updating those RSS PHP files, the RSS feeds (and emails) were stubbornly remaining their default values — which meant that you couldn’t actually tell who was saying the things I was quoting, without drilling down to the underlying blog entry.

I took advantage of my family giving me some free time for Fathers Day to look at it again, and, lo! my assumptions about what PHP files were being updated in which domain turned out to be completely wrong. It’s almost as if Dante was trying to whisper in my ear yesterday.

Long story short (too late), I have now, it appears, fixed this problem. RSS feeds should look correct. Quotes by email should look correct. All’s right with the world. At least until my next WP upgrade.

And if none of the above makes any sense to you, that’s fine. If you are interested in the email or RSS feeds for this site, you can get more information here.

Added on 15-Jun-24; last updated 15-Jun-24
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