In natural science it is felt to be useless to build on assumptions; in history we look with suspicion on a priori ideas of what ought to have been; in mathematics, when a step is wrong, we pull the house down until we reach the point at which the error is discovered. But in theology it is otherwise; there the tendency has been to conceal the unsoundness of the foundation under the fairness and loftiness of the superstructure. It has been thought safer to allow arguments to stand which, although fallacious, have been on the right side, than to point out their defect. And thus many principles have imperceptibly grown up which have overridden facts.

Benjamin Jowett
Benjamin Jowett (1817-1893) English classical scholar and theologian
“On the Interpretation of Scripture,” Sec. 1, Essays and Reviews, ed. John William Parker (1860)

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