Even when the experts all agree, they may well be mistaken.

Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) English mathematician and philosopher
Sceptical Essays, “Dreams and Facts” (1928)

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2 thoughts on “<i>Sceptical Essays</i>, “Dreams and Facts” (1928)”

  1. FYI, this quotation can be found in a volume by Russell entitled “Sceptical Essays” published in 1928. It was reprinted many times, but you can find the relevant quotation on page 12 of the 1999 edition printed by Routledge (look up the book on Amazon.com, then search within the book for the phrase “experts all agree” — here’s a link to the book on Amazon.

  2. Cool. I actually have a lot of “Attributed” that simply need some digging. So you’ve given me justification here to do so, and, yes, there it is (and I found the essay name, which is even more golden). Thanks.

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