All over London the lights flickered in and out, calling on the public to save its body and purse: SOPO SAVES SCRUBBING — NUTRAX FOR NERVES — CRUNCHLETS ARE CRISPER — EAT PIPER PARRITCH — DRINK POMPAYNE — ONE WHOOSH AND IT’S CLEAN — OH, BOY! IT’S TOMBOY TOFFEE — NOURISH NERVES WITH NUTRAX — FARLEY’S FOOTWEAR TAKES YOU FURTHER — IT ISN’T DEAR, IT’S DARLING — DARLING’S FOR HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES — MAKE ALL SAFE WITH SANFECT — WIHIFFLETS FASCINATE. The presses, thundering and growling., ground out the same appeals by the million: ASK YOUR GROCER — ASK YOUR DOCTOR — ASK THE MAN WHO’S TRIED IT — MOTHERS! GIVE IT TO YOUR CHILDREN — HOUSEWIVES! SAVE MONEY — HUSBANDS! INSURE YOUR LIVES — WOMEN! DO YOU REALIZE? — DON’T SAY SOAP, SAY SOPO! Whatever you’re doing, stop it and do something else! Whatever you’re buying, pause and buy something different! Be hectored into health and prosperity! Never let up! Never go to sleep! Never be satisfied. If once you are satisfied, all our wheels will run down. Keep going — and if you can’t, Try Nutrax for Nerves!

Dorothy Sayers (1893-1957) English author, translator, apologist
Murder Must Advertise, ch. 5 (1933)
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