Administrivia: Upgrade Note

I have finally bitten the bullet and upgraded WIST to version 5.x of WordPress. The immediate impetus was the need to update the mobile version of the page, as JetPack is dropping their mobile theme and the existing theme doesn’t provide adaptable design for smaller screens. Updating the theme really means first updating the underlying platform.

(I’ve actually already turned off the JetPack version, so if you access WIST from a mobile device, you’ll simply be looking at a smaller version of the web page.)

The theme update may be a while in coming, as it requires a lot more modification for the data field customization I’ve done here. But at least the WP engine is up to current standards and, thus, security.

If anything on the site seems to be operating oddly, please let me know at Thanks!

Added on 6-Feb-20; last updated 6-Feb-20
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