Administrivia: Slouching toward Beta

I’m pretty close to having the site ready for an “open beta” — announce it on my normal blog (nofollow) and let folks come check it out and try to break it. The dancing around between multiple category archives is causing me problems, but I think I have all the labeling finished.
I’m not happy about the resolution of author searches — directing folks to the All Authors pages and telling them to search there — but it’s workable. The only alternative is using Google for searching (which may yet happen).
Things still to do:

  1. Going through each page.
  2. Doing a FireFox vs IE6 comparison.
  3. Create a Favicon (this can happen during Beta)
  4. Modify the default search template: Include the category (author), delete the blog author (me)
  5. Modify the default search template: Mention / link to the All Authors page.

Post go-live:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Feedburner

Like I said — close.

Added on 16-Jul-07; last updated 16-Jul-07
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2 thoughts on “Slouching toward Beta”

  1. And, of course, I immediately realized other things that needed doing:
    * Refocus/have sidebar links to About and History info.
    * List comments/trackbacks
    * Leave a placeholder, at least, for the webrings, etc.
    * Look at the current WIST page and determine if I need to do something else besides that.

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