Administrivia: E-mail? How positively 1990!

In June 2001 I started running a free “quote a day” e-mail list. In April 2002, I changed from Topica (great service, excellent price, ugly ads) to my own listserver.

You can subscribe to it by going here.

Since I have some space to kill here, I’ll answer one of my most frequently asked questions (thus demonstrating that nobody asks me any questions), “So how do you put your daily WIST together?”

Well, around 5:30 p.m. or so, every day, I get a reminder up on my computer screen. “Have you sent your WIST today?” If I didn’t get this sort of warning, it would never happen. Read from that what you will.

I open up a blank e-mail. I put in the address I have for posting mail to my list.

I go into the body, and click on my “signature” button. This pulls in a random sig line from my copy of Siggy (see “Software” for more information).

Unless it’s something completely wrong for the day, I then glean a one or two word subject, put it in the subject line, and click Send. And away it goes.

My host’s MailMan magic mailing system does the rest of the work, appending in all the other stuff that fills each post.

I occasionally do a “theme” week, but by and large, it’s all randomly selected for your WISTing pleasure.

And now you know. And, as GI Joe would say, knowing is half the battle.

UPDATE: (17-Jul-07) I’ve disabled the mail link above because the new setup doesn’t support an automated process, and I’m not going to continue the WIST-by-mail unless that’s working (or is trivial to do).

Added on 2-Jun-03; last updated 13-Jul-23
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