Administrivia: Organization

WIST is organized by author, alphabetically (I’d love to be even more elaborate, but that must wait for a future revision). The letter links in the sidebar will take you to the page of those authors with names beginning in that letter. You can also search for authors (or quotation text, or sources) in the Search box.
(The section of links under that goes to various other informational parts of the WIST site. The Sources section includes information on how I alphabetized some names.)
Where items are cited to Anonymous or where ordering them by author name makes no sense (because it’s a one-off quote by an obscure individual), I’ve put them under the “~Misc” category. I’ve also included sig lines in that category where:

  • It’s a quip, a bon mot, something that would fit on a bumper sticker or a button.
  • Who said it is utterly unknown, or else who said it is so well known that to cite it adds no value and detracts from the quippiness.
  • Where I felt like it.

Added on 2-Jun-03; last updated 2-Jun-03
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