No matter what cause one defends, it will suffer permanent disgrace if one resorts to blind attacks on crowds of innocent people in which the killer knows in advance that he will kill women and children.

Albert Camus (1913-1960) Algerian-French novelist, essayist, playwright
Algerian Chronicles [Chroniques Algérienne], Preface (1948) [tr. Goldhammer (2013)]

Criticizing the Front de Libération Nationalale (FLN), the movement for Algerian independence (after similarly criticizing the French government for its violent activity).

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2 thoughts on “<i>Algerian Chronicles [Chroniques Algérienne]</i>, Preface (1948) [tr. Goldhammer (2013)]”

    1. As Camus criticized both the independence movement and the French government in this context, both Hamas and the government of Israel have done much to squander sympathy and moral respectability for their causes.

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