There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on.

George Clayton Johnson (1929-2015) American writer
Twilight Zone, 3×16 “Nothing in the Dark”, closing narration (5 Jan 1962)

Often attributed to Rod Serling, who read the narration and produced the show.

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2 thoughts on “<i>Twilight Zone</i>, 3×16 “Nothing in the Dark”, closing narration (5 Jan 1962)”

  1. Hugh Hyatt

    This is part of the closing narration of episode 16, season 3—titled “Nothing in the Dark”—from /The Twilight Zone/. It was spoken by Rod Serling but written by George Clayton Johnson. See the Wikipedia articles for Johnson ( and “Nothing in the Dark” (, especially the section for “Closing narration.” There are a number of confusing YouTube videos of this episode (featuring a very young Robert Redford), but I found the closing narration in the middle of one of them (, at 22:58.

    1. I thought that might be it, but couldn’t quickly find a clear reference. Thanks. I will revised.

      (Good episode, and, yes, a very young Redford.)

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