We all lose in the end, that is the intention.

Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941) German chess player, mathematician

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  1. Robert J. Walter

    This quotation falls short of being particularly meaningful to me.
    What is the context?

    One of the most astute chess quotations is:
    “……Then what is a combination?. A combination is a forced variation with sacrifice. It seems to me that this is both an exact and simple definition.”
    Source: “What is a combination?”, essay presented in Appendix of Botvinnik’s “100 Selected Games”
    IMO, this quotation is special. Why? ….. It grasps the essence of the game and an understanding of life-decision-making …. people who do not understand the meaning of a gambit (cf. T H Huxley “A Liberal Education”)are at times deservedly vanqusonished at chess and life.

  2. I wish I knew more of the context, but couldn’t find the source. It still spoke to me, however, even in just the general concept of chess playing vs life.

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