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I just learned that Google is sunsetting its Feedburner email setup in July, which is what I use here to send out daily email collections of the quotations here. At present, about three dozen people are using this service for WIST.

I’ve removed the link for that mode of subscribing, and I’ll be looking at alternatives to provide that service, and will let you know what that looks like. In the meantime …

  1. If you don’t want the email feed any more, please unsubscribe via the links that Feedburner sends. My intent is to transfer the email addresses of subscribers over to whatever new, different thing I do.
  2. Check out the feeds/subscription page for WIST, which will show you alternate ways to get your WIST updates.
    1. Using an RSS reader, Twitter, or my Diaspora mirror (currently down due to a data center issue, but returning Real Soon Now) are all ways to get notifications.
    2. There are a number of services that will do a daily email from an RSS feed. (That’s essentially what Feedburner is doing.) One of my alternatives may just be to provide other recommendations for that, but if you have a favorite, this would be a fine time to switch over (but do let me know what your recommendation is).

One issue I have is that, while there are plugins that will allow email subscriptions pretty easily, they tend not to do so as a digest, but as different emails for each post. That might be annoying to folks. At the same time, I’d just as soon not work with a mail service like MailChimp to set up something elaborate.

Leave any questions or comments in the comments. I’ll be communicating further with you on this before I make any changes.


Added on 15-Apr-21; last updated 15-Apr-21
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