Few vices are more certain to prevent you from having lots of friends than possessing too many virtues.
[Il y a peu de vices qui empêchent un homme d’avoir beaucoup d’amis, autant que peuvent le faire de trop grandes qualités.]

Nicolas Chamfort
Nicolas Chamfort (1741-1794) French writer, epigrammist (b. Nicolas-Sébastien Roch)
Products of Perfected Civilization [Produits de la Civilisation Perfectionée], Part 1 “Maxims and Thoughts [Maximes et Pensées],” ch. 2, ¶ 110 (1795) [tr. Parmée (2003), ¶ 90]

(Source (French)). Alternate translations:

There are few vices that prevent a man from having many friends so much as his too high qualities prevent him.
[tr. Hutchinson (1902), "The Cynic's Breviary"]

There are few vices as likely to diminish the number of a man's friends, as can an excessive possession of fine qualities.
[tr. Mathers (1926), ¶ 90]

There are few vices that will so readily prevent a man from having many friends as will the possession of inordinate talents or virtues.
[tr. Merwin (1969)]

Few vices can prevent a man from having as many friends as too great of qualities can.
[tr. Siniscalchi (1994), ¶ 110]

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