The certainties of one age are the problems of the next.

R. H. Tawney (1880-1962) English writer, economist, historian, social critic [Richard Henry Tawney]
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, ch. 5 (1926)
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8 Responses to Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, ch. 5 (1926)

  1. Tui Lei Hai says:

    Love your site immensely. Could you kindly share with me, as how do I do the Google Books search as what you did for this post?

    • Dave says:

      It’s quite easy … when you do a normal Google search, there is usually a “Books” option to focus the results (it’s usually under the “More” menu). You can also just start your search at . Hope that helps.

  2. Tui Lei Hai says:

    But the outcome I got is, the same as what you did for this post:

    • Tui Ley Hai says:

      Sorry. The post I mentioned should be:

      • Dave says:

        I’m sorry, I don’t follow what you’re asking.

        • Tui Lei Hai says:

          Alright, I notice you have two different methods of linking to Google Books: First, as how it is done for this very post, and the second way is as of this post:

          I want to know how you do the first method?

          • Dave says:

            Ah. It’s the difference between the new and old interfaces of Google Books. The Moliere one pulls up the classic interface, the one on this page pulls up the new one.

            In the classic, you’d get the URL from the little link icon toward the top. In the new interface, you’d the More Actions menu, then Share, then Copy.

            So to get a new interface link, you’d need to “Try the new Google Books” when the banner comes up; if you want to switch back, the new interface has a “Back to classic Google Books” link at the top.

            Hope that helps. Also hope that the old links will continue to work when Books goes fully to the new interface. 🙂

  3. Tui Lei hai says:

    Strangely, until now I have yet to come across the “Try the New Google Books” banner when I am at Google Books site.
    Thank you so much Dave for your clarification. You have a great day.

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