Schoolmasters and parents exist to be grown out of.

John Wolfenden (1906-1985) British educator, author
In Sunday Times (London) (13 Jul 1958)

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2 thoughts on “In <i>Sunday Times</i> (London) (13 Jul 1958)”

  1. Hugh Hyatt

    Here’s a citation source: John Breeding’s The Wildest Colts Make The Best Horses (2006), p. 194 []. I noticed that two other sources say it was from the 13 July 1958 edition of the Sunday Times, which is probably accurate, since it’s a Sunday; 13 June 1958 was a Friday. Two further sources say 23 July 1958, which was a Wednesday. Here’s a Google search that gives 8 results that include this page, the 5 dated sources I note above and a couple that only have the year:

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